Friday, February 12, 2010 9:13 PM


Aloha!! Today, I'm very hyper because.....................I finally get to meet my teachers and friends!! OMG!!! But unfortunately, the teacher(my form teacher, Mr Asraf) whom I really wanna meet had to go off early... urrghh..
Never mind. At least I get to meet my maths teacher, Ms Chin!!! Just nw when I meet her, she was like...I can't believe u joined NPCC!!! Ohh Gosshh!! I knw I don't look like one right? But I just one something different.. Its like so cool to learn how to shoot and all... Right?? Right?? Right?? heheh...
Oh ya... then when i meet Ms Chin, she was busy tidying up her class. Then we talked for awhile and she asked us to go and see Mr Asraf class.. she said that its well-decorated... So I went up n see his class... Then when I enter the room wif Farzana and Ellie, I was like OMG, so nice!!! Nicer than last year's class deco!! Its so not fair... For the reading corner there is a very comfortable sofa and curtains!! Ohh gosh!! I think the theme was jungle. Last year(my class)'s theme was underwater.
Ohhh ohh ohh!! And the tree was popped out.. Its like 3-D!! So nice.. I took pics of it.. I will upload it some other days when I'm free.. k?? heheh... Then, we left a message for him on the board..Suddenly, in the midst of writing our msg, a boy(i think frm tat class) walked in and looked like he was finding his things... Then he saw us writing on the board and as he walked out of the room he said,"Wahh...So sweet..." Then, we were like huh?? hahah lol...
Alright tata for nw...


With love.. HAIREEN

Monday, February 8, 2010 8:20 PM

Hilarious day!!

Hello!!!!!! Okkk.. Let me start wif ytd. Right, ytd, I went for my religious class. In the mid of the Arab lesson, tis 'boy', was doing his work( the work given by the ustazah). Everyone else had finished except him lah. So my ustazah wait for him. Ok, I shall speak in malay... Lazy to translate.
Then, my ustazah cakap...
Ustazah: ____, lmbtnye awak habiskan kerja! Tahu buat tak?
Him: Tahu, err.. I was day-dreaming just now. heheh
Ustazah: Day-dreaming pasal sape tu? Mata air eh? Awak ingat saya tak nmpk eh, tadi awak msg-msg. Msg sape tu?
Him: Err... Kawan.. heheh
Ustazah: Lelaki ke perumpuan?
Him: Errr... heheheh *smiling sheepishly*
Ustazah: Ahhh!!! Kan!! Saya tahu lahh..Kesian Haireen. Sabar eh Haireen. Jgn putus asa.
Me(say it in my heart): Huh??? All of a sudden my name come out.. Whats going on seyy?? Ishh!! Merepek sey ustazah!! Since when I like him? Guurgghh!!! WEIRD!!!
Right, today was hilarious!!! OMG!!! Well, a lil bit disgusting, though. Today, the library board came down to my sch and encourage us to borrow books. So then, my teacher brought us to somewhere near my circular block in my sch. Then we started browsing through the books which was nicely arranged on the tables. Then sudden my fren, Shao Qi, appeared out of nowhere and show me twilight official guide! OMG!!! I'm so jealous!! I jumped up and dwn n screamed(not that loud), "OMG!!! Where u find that book!! Urrghh!! I want!!"
Of course she said no lah...DUHH!!! Then I look ard then suddenly I saw a ig twilight saga official guide with pictures of their shootings and all. Then I called Shameera coz she's also one of Twilight big fan!!! She was like arrr!!! Omg!! Then she started to flip through the pages.. Then when there's Edward's face ZOOMED IN version, we touched his pic and sway our hands across his face then said aww... Then at last she borrowed the book. I told her to borrow me once she have finish reading too... heheh.
So then during ICT lesson, we sat together at the comp lab. Since didn't put tat twilight book in her bag, we started browsing. Then Haziqa also joined in. heheh. She also Twilight fan. Except for Melissa. She doesn't know what Twilight is. We tried to introduce her to it too. Then we started talking abt 'something' ahh...What if here, What if there.. We giggled all the way, but the teacher didn't notice. Heheh..LOLz!! Then during MT lesson also when we look at each others face we laughed. haiyoo.. hahah. Superduper INFECTIOUS!!!! K tat for now.


With love.. HAIREEN

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 4:42 PM


Hey guys!!! I knw i've not been posting for such long time... I'm sorry....I've been too busy!!! Right...Errrr...I just got to knw what CCA I got into...And it was NPCC!!!!!!!!!!! YEEESS!!! Woooohh!! Well, many peeps FREAKED out when they asked me what CCA I got...I was like-->> errr, wats wrong in joining NPCC??? Isn't it a good CCA?? I mean like, besides the foot drill(which is like you'll have to do it even if u are in girlguides or red cross), you'll get a chance to shoot, be more disciplined and strong... Anyway, the uniform is FREE!!! Unlike GG and RC... Have to pay a lot... Umm...Ohh ya!!! My eng teacher asked the whole class to bring a fave character and I brought.....*drumroll* EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!! Wooohhh!!
Haha lolz!! And then when I reached sch, I asked my frens what character they brought, then one of them also brought Edward but a lil bit ugly version of him(I brought a Handsome n cute version of him..Nyahaha!!).... We were like -->oooohh!! U brought him too??? *giggles* See, see!
Then we started talking abt Twilight...The scenes he acted, a lil bit of gossips too...heheh...
Then we stopped coz lesson started redy..Then suddenly a topic of him arose, then talked agn abt him...LOL!!!
My fren and I are a total big fan of EDWARD CULLEN!!! WOOOHHH!!!!
TEAM EDWARD BEYBEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


With love.. HAIREEN

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 5:40 PM

Hey guys!!! Today, went to sch as usual, then have lessons...Blahblahblah..Then when it comes to Intergrated Humanities lesson, a relief teacher came in...And her name is.....Miss O Donoghue....Don't knw how to pronounce?Hahahah...Its pronounced as Miss O Dono you.... Then everyone greeted her, "Gd Morning Miss O Dono you..."
Then everyone was like laughing including her.... haha... Yay!! Next week have Sec 1 cohort camp. I can't say it a real camp bcoz I will not overnight there....I will go home as usual at 1.50pm... On the last day of the 'camp', I will be having a campfire!!! Can't wait for tat!!! ohh ya!!! In the midst of days tat camp, I will also go to Changi Airport to do some activities... Its like we are secret agents trying to solve a crime/problem/terrorism... Woooooohoo!! Can't wait!!!! So excited!!! hahah.. Lol.
Hiiissshhh, tmr have to go to sch agn...Hmm... I'm tired.... urrgghh!!! Wat can I do??? Still have to go.... Persevere babe!!! hahaah lol!! Kaes gtg!!!


With love.. HAIREEN

Friday, January 1, 2010 8:41 PM

New Year 2010

Hello!!!! Well, today wasn't so good.. I have to ..... be a little more patient wif my niece's behaviour... She's kinda irritating today( she threw tantrum just bcoz my mum tegur dia abt something).... The bird I made for her using small pom-poms using feathers for the wings, u knw what??? She tore the head and body apart and then she say to me " Haah! See! Very good!!! " She say it while she tear it apart... And I was like..... --->>> Urrghh!!! U think what, I'm so free to do that for u is it?! If u don't want to appreciate, don't even dare to tear it apart!!! Just give it to me... Don't even think of taking it! Urrgghh!!!
Geramnya!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cannot tolerate anymore!!! My patience have limits!!! Fine... Just forget abt it.... *talking to myself* ->> Have patience Haireen.. Stay cool... Breathe in, breathe out... Relax.. She's just a small kid... She don't mean anything... So, calm down...
Ok... I'm relaxed already.... kkk... Currently, chatting wif my twin cuzin... I love the song "Time for miracle" soooo much!!! One of my fave!! "River flows in you" also very nice!!! It always reminds me of Edward Cullen playing that song for Bella on the piano... So romantic... heheheh.. Oppss... Going so far off my mind.... Hehehehe...Anyway,
Wish all my frens out there a very Happy New Year!!! Hope that 2010 is going to be a great year for u!!!!


With love.. HAIREEN

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 2:36 PM

Pictures of the picnic

My brother fishing
My dad cutting the cake
Me and my sister
Me and my niece

With love.. HAIREEN

Picnic + birthday celebration

Hello again!!! Long time no post!!!On the 27 Dec 2009, it was my father's birthday and I, I mean we, celebrated it at Pasir Ris beach.... With my brother and sisters, my brother-in-law, sis-in-law, niece and nephew... It was so fun until my stomach gets upset( bcoz of the almost stale rice I ate the day b4).... Awww!!!! Hate it!! It just ruins everything!!! I couldn't enjoy myself to the fullest!!!! But, never mind my stomach getting upset. I built sandcastle with my niece and nephew.....[Ps: my nephew went straight to the beach to play sandcastle as soon as we get there... He can't control anymore..Too excited..]
I took loads of pictures too... I'll upload them... No worries..My sister-in-law met us at the beach only at 2pm coz she have to go to work....So sad...Then my bro fetch her at 2pm then secretly bought a cake for my father... It was nutella cake...Yum yum... chocolate!!! Then after my father cut the cake then of coz eat ler, duhhh!!! Then took more pics.... Then its time for my brother to fish.... He didn't catch any fish unfortunately.....Thats because the sky went dark....The wind blew so wildly... I could see the dark clouds forming and everyone at the beach was packing their things, foods etc...... Children stopped building sandcastles(including me)... I even saw an empty tent being blown away by the strong wind... The owner was running like mad catching her tent... Pity her.... hahaah...
I sat under a hut nearby waiting for the rain to stop..... but the rain was just for a little while.... It was only for 15 mins..... Coz the strong wind blew the dark clouds away, together with the rain....
Then after the rain stopped, we went to the spiderweb ( not the spider's web of coz! its the playground)... With my stomach being so upset, I couldn't even enjoy myself there... I only play simple ones....Eg: walking on a 'bridge' there....
Then we have to go home coz its going to rain agn..... I went to my sister's house....Then at night, after maghrib, we went out agn... To where??? Singapore Expo coz there is a Metro sale there.... I bought some stuffs... Not necessary for u to know..... heheheh!!! Then we got home ard 11.30pm like that.. heheheh... My bro slept at my house coz he to tired to drive home.... Okay... Thats all for now!!! Anyway, all in all, its a fun day!!!!!!!! Like it a lot!!! But not when my stomach make problems!!!!! Byeee!!!


With love.. HAIREEN


Hello! My name is Haireen. I am a girl who likes to smile and laugh a lot. I am turning 13 next year.


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